ABOUT USOur Company History//designer | society was founded in 2009 by Lasalle College of The Arts Singapore Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Designs(Specialized in Screen Based Techonology) Ricky Husada and Universitas Pelita Harapan Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Designs(Specialized in Conceptualization) Helmy Susanto.//While exploring their next career moves, they gather all the highly educated and well experienced team members with all different set of skillto create a perfect team. designer | society continues to provide insightful ideas and suggestion to our clients towards finding the right material,the right design, the right concept, and the right price for them. Through our professionalism we help our clients to avoid making ill-fated decisions,and deliver the highest quality product with low cost expenses.//At designer | society, we are divided into a number of division to properly understand the requirements that you need, to correctly advised you aboutthe materials that you should use and to provide the answers for all your questions, so we do the research for you and present our results in a precise,detailed and professional way. Think of us as a company whose primary mission is to assist you in making the best possible quality products.Our team members, who come from diverse backgrounds, share the same passion for freshly creative design and commitment to deliver the highest-quality products and customer service.//As thought leaders, we drive the industry forward, having focused exclusively on acrylic texts / signs, corporate signages display systems,large and small scale digital printing, banner printing and graphic design. We’re a trusted partner to your company. We help company to understand,attract future, and fulfil their requirement while maintaining it in the highest quality products with low cost expenses. Our fully committed team members will guide you to identify the most efficient and cost saving way to fulfil your needs, because you are that important to us.
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